Maker's Clay Pack (6kg)

Maker's Clay Pack (6kg)

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This clay pack is for experienced makers who would like to make ceramics in their personal studio and benefit from our glazing and firing resources. 


What's included:

- 6kg clay (Choose from our 7 studio clays.)

- Bisque firing service. 

- Access to book onto our regular glazing classes (£20 per session, includes cost of glazes)


How it works:

Book the clay pack and select the type of clay you would like. 

Collect your clay during our collection times (see homepage for times) 

Make your work and return it to us for bisque firing. 

After 2 weeks your work will have been fired and you can book in for a glazing session. 

After another 2 weeks your work will be glaze fired and ready to collect. 


Which clay should you choose?

Keuper Red - Good for throwing or hand building. Turns well. Turns dark purple at 1260 which is our firing temperature. See photos for example.

Draycott WhiteAn excellent, smooth-textured, white stoneware body based on plastic fireclays and china clays. Throws well and stands up well on the wheel.

School Buff - The texture is made slightly open by the addition of 10% sand which makes the body excellent for throwing and hand building. The colour varies from a warm buff to grey at stoneware temperatures.

White St. ThomasSuitable for all thrown applications including large dinnerware platters, this 'white' firing St thomas clay has exceptional shape stability in both oxidation and reduction firing. Its excellent as well for small pots.

Fine Vulcan BlackVulcan Black Stoneware is unlike any other on the market, providing an unusual intense brown-black colour when fired. Containing a fine grog Vulcan Black Stoneware Fine has been formulated especially for artistic ceramics. It behaves excellently during drying/firing and its high plasticity makes it ideal for modelling or throwing. It is widely used for murals and sculpture and is ideal for detailed work. Not suitable for dinnerware.

Craft Crank - Craft crank is unsurpassed as a handbuilding clay. The unique blend of fireclays and ball clays produce a pleasant toasted colour in oxidation whilst the speckled orange/brown under reduction is unrivalled. NOT suitable for throwing unless you want to grind your hands off. 


Please note this package is for use by a single person, clay cannot be shared between several people. 

Only clay and glazes purchased from 7 Spot Pottery will be fired at 7 Spot Pottery. 

Work must be returned for bisque firing within 3 months of the purchase date. 

We will hold on to fired wares for 1 month from the date of firing, after which we will consider them unwanted and dispose of them to make space in our small storage space. 


To arrange collection or drop-off, see our opening times on the main page of our website for times and contact details of our studio staff.