Brushing medium for 500ml of glaze

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1 x 1 litre pot containing 120ml of brushing medium.

If you have 1 litre of glaze:

1) pour off about 240ml water (double the amount of brushing medium) from your glaze. you are aiming to replace the water content with an equal amount of brushing medium.

2) Fill the brushing medium pot a quarter full of glaze and mix thoroughly until the glaze and medium are fully blended.

3) Pour more glaze in until the pot is half full.

4) pour half the amount of water you decanted back into the non-brushing glaze and save it for pouring and dipping applications.

If you have half a litre of glaze:

1) pour off 120ml of water (same amount as brushing medium) from your glaze. 

2) Follow steps 2 and 3 above.


Brush three thin and even coats of glaze onto your pot to achieve a good covering. I recommend keeping a batch of non-brushing glaze to pour inside your pots and to use the brushing glaze on the outside.