2 Day Beginners Throwing Course

2 Day Beginners Throwing Course

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2 day intensive course, on consecutive Sundays, 1pm-7pm.

Please bring an apron and a towel, and a face covering. Trim nails short, remove hand jewellery and tie long hair back.

*See drop-down menu for dates and times.

Room layout allows for 2m distance between participants when working, and face coverings are required when in the building.

Over the course of this 2-day introduction to the potter’s wheel participants will learn the techniques to master the challenging yet rewarding potters wheel, covering the process of throwing, trimming and slip decorating pottery. This course is suitable for complete beginners, and great as a refresher course for those who've done some throwing before.


How it works:

Day 1 - Preparation of clay, centring, opening, and pulling walls, lots of practice for making cylindrical pots, and bowls.

Day 2 - Trimming the bases of your pots, adding handles, and using mark making tools and coloured clay slips for surface decoration.

This course includes 6kg of clay per participant, and you can choose to either have your work glazed in our transparent or white glaze, or you can book onto one of our Glazing sessions and learn how to use our full range of studio glazes. 


What to bring:

Please bring your own apron and towel. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that you dont mind getting mucky. Trim your fingernails short and tie any long hair back, also remove any jewellery from hands.

There will be a break during the session, and you are welcome to bring your own snacks and refreshments

This course is taught by studio potter Meg Beamish, whose interests lie in traditional practices, and Pascal Nichols, who founded 7 Spot Pottery in 2017.