2 Day Beginners Handbuilding Course
2 Day Beginners Handbuilding Course

2 Day Beginners Handbuilding Course

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2 day intensive course on consecutive Sundays, 1pm-7pm.

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Room layout allows for 2m distance between participants when working, and face coverings are required when in the building.


How it works:

Over the course of this 2 day introduction to ceramics, participants will learn how to use clay experimentally and creatively to form functional pottery and art objects. Working clay with the hands and basic tools can be an absorbing and therapeutic experience, which we see as an antidote to our fast-paced highly technological lifestyles.

Day 1: We will cover techniques of rolling coils and making slabs and using them to build forms, also looking at surface texture and mark making options.

Day 2: This is all about finishing your pieces when they are at the leather-hard stage. You will learn the basics of trimming, carving, assembling, and using coloured-clay slips on your pieces.

This course includes 6kg of clay per participant, and all pieces will be bisque fired. 

You can choose to either have your work glaze fired in our transparent or white glaze, or you can book onto one of our Glazing sessions and learn how to use our full range of studio glazes.

This course will be taught by Pascal Nichols, a local artist and qualified teacher, who specialises in experimental slab-built sculptural pots.