£85 per month (minimum 3 months, then rolling contract) with a £170 returnable deposit.

Membership gives you the following benefits:

  • 15 hours per week, anytime access (24/7) to the studio,with limited access during scheduled class times, occasional maintenance works and one off classes.
  • Personal storage space of 90 x 40 x 35cm
  • Use of house glazes
  • up to 40 litres of glaze firing per month (unused allowance not transferrable accross months) and extra firings charged at £1 per litre,
  • 50% off all workshops and classes (firings logged as part of membership allowance)
  • On-site informal technical and creative support, from technicians and tutors
  • Opportunities to exhibit and sell work through internal and external events
  • Wifi access

Terms and Conditions

Members are encouraged to work cooperatively and we ask that potential members are willing to work together to use the space collaboratively at any busy periods.

Members purchase their own clay (clay can be bought from the studio, £10 for 12kg bag) and have a firing allowance of 40 litres of kiln firing per month, which includes access to house glazes

Most of us work in clay as a part of a wider practice and as such the space is not suitable for production potters.

 Please contact us if you're interested in membership, describing the work that you make, how much experience you have of ceramics, and any links if you have a website/pictures of your work.

Current members at 7 Spot currently include:

Mim Leach

Helen Newman

Hamish Sempill

Frida Cooper


Lianne Pierce