Membership access is currently FULL, please email us to be added to the waiting list. 

The 7 Spot membership gives ceramicists flexible 24hr access to the pottery studio and equipment outside of regular class times, and kiln firings.

It currently costs £85 per month with a £150 returnable deposit.

Current members at 7 Spot currently include:

Mim Leach

Helen Newman

Rachel Dyson

Margo Ceramics

Dominic Took

Hamish Sempill

John Wise

Stuart Davis

Lianne Pierce


There is a small membership of no more than 8 members which allows for everyone to have some work-space when the studio is busy.

Members are encouraged to work cooperatively to share the space.

Members purchase their own clay (clay can be bought from the studio, £10 for 12kg Oxidising St Thomas) and have a firing allowance of 40 litres of kiln firing per month, which includes access to house glazes

Each member is provided with a storage shelf measuring approximately 100cm x 40cm x 30cm.

We have no maximum usage quotas, but ask that potential members are willing to work together to use the space collaboratively at any busy periods.

Most of us work in clay as a part of a wider practice and as such the space is not suitable for production potters.