Associate Membership


This memberships allows you to make ceramics at home or in your own studio and make use of our glazing and firing facilities. 


£55 per month (payable on 1st of each month by bank transfer) minimum 3 months commitment. Additional £20 for glaze studio induction on the first month.

What’s included

Half bag of clay 6kg - choose from our range of 6 clays

Firing service for 1 batch per month (1 bisque and 1 glaze)

One 3hr drop-in glazing session per month (Monday or Tuesday daytimes, Saturday mornings.) 

How it works

  • Make a payment for £75 for your first month (includes glaze induction), and set up a standing order for £55 payable on the 1st of every month following.
  • Collect your bag of clay from the studio at the start of the month
  • Make your ceramic work 
  • Bring us your batch of work
  • We will notify you once your work has been bisque fired.
  • Book a glaze session to come in and glaze your pots. No experience of glazing necessary as we will teach you in your first session. 

Extra Clay can be purchased in 6kg @ £18 or 12kg @ £36 bags, which covers the cost of glazing, firing, and admin.


Drop off your clay on Tuesdays, or Sundays 11-2, we will contact you when your work is bisque fired and you can book in for a glazing session.





    Health and Safety:

    Members use the Studio at their own risk with awareness of the inherent hazards of a Studio environment, which include but are not limited to use of sharp tools and sharp edges, exposure to toxic materials, the dangers of using materials and equipment at high temperatures, and the risks associate with breathing silica dust.

    Each Studio Member is required to read and follow the health and safety information outlined in the handbook and undergo a Health and Safety induction before he begins his Membership.

    Each Member must comply with all health and safety instructions given by the Company’s staff at all times.

    Each Member is required to keep all surfaces clean of clay and glaze and to clean all areas including the floor around his work station thoroughly before completing his Session. This is to minimise the risks to Members caused by breathing clay and glaze dusts.

    In the interests of safety and hygiene, no crockery, glass or food are permitted in the Studio. Pets are brought into the studio at the owners risk, the Studio cannot be held responsible for the behaviour or health of animals visiting the space. 

    Members must use the main entrance to the Studio when entering or leaving the Studio. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and Members must not interfere with these exits for any reason. In the event of a fire, Members are asked to make their way to the nearest available exit.

    Smoking is forbidden in the Studio.



    All Members are required to spend at least 20 minutes cleaning the Studio at the close of each Session. Clay and glaze dusts are toxic and must not be left anywhere in the Studio. Work areas should be left cleaner or as clean as when the Member began working, including the floor area around the work station. If a Member’s work area is cleaned thoroughly within the 20 minutes cleaning allocation, the Member is required to then clean a shared studio area of their choice.

    Any Member that does not wish to or does not have time to clean the Studio for 20 minutes at the end of each Session will be required to pay a 10% increase in their Membership fee to cover staff cleaning time. This arrangement is to keep costs down for all Members as the Company does not employ cleaning staff.

    Each Member is required to comply with the Studio’s bucket cleaning system for cleaning equipment for the use of clay and glazes as well as hand washing. Members should use the correct bucket for their specific purpose, e.g. glaze bucket for wiping glaze, slops for wheel slip etc. Clay, glaze and plaster must not be disposed of in sinks and drains, neither in the Studio nor in the yard outside. All members must use disposal buckets provided.