TAKE & MAKE Home Pottery Kits

How it works:

1) Book your clay. Optional extras include toolkit, and brush-on underglaze colours

2) Collect your clay from 7 Spot Pottery during our open hours (Tuesday and Sunday 11am-2pm)

3) Make your pots and sculptures at home. If you are a beginner you can follow our online pottery course. Choose from our 5 studio glaze options. 

4) Return your clay pots and sculptures to us, we will fire and glaze them for you.

5) We will email you when your pieces are finished and ready to collect. You then have 1 month to come and collect your work.

We are currently open for kerbside pickups and drop offs at these times:
Sunday 11-2pm (Pascal - 07933139438)
Tuesday 11-2pm (Meg - 07505 854548)

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