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Doorstep delivery £5 for addresses less than 5 miles from 7 Spot Pottery, M35HW, and £10 for addresses 5 - 10 miles from the studio.

You can check your distance from 7 Spot Pottery on Google Maps

If you order by midnight on Monday, your order will be delivered/collected between 10 and 2pm on the Wednesday (or Sundays if we have lots of bookings) of that week. 

If you have any special instructions for the driver, please write them in the notes section at the checkout. We will leave the items on your doorstep and knock/ring from a safe distance to check that you are home , or leave items in an agreed safe place. 

If there is nobody home and no instructions to leave the items in a safe place, you will need to book delivery again through the website at your own expense.

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