We are currently offering kiln hire, whilst the studio is operating on a reduced timetable.

£75 per load

We do not currently offer firing for part-loads or individual pieces, please check out our Associate Memberhips if you would like to make use of our firing and glaze resources.

We have an L& L 23T toploader, which has a 190 litre capacity. This accomodates 23" diameter kiln shelves. As a guide, you could comfortably fit 3 kiln shelves with pots up to 6" on each shelf in the kiln.


  • We will fire 1000 bisque, 1220 glaze (cone 6) and 750-800 lustre
  • We need to see the clay packaging/specs, before firing
  • All glazes need to be tested before hiring the kiln for a glaze firing. Bring us your test tiles and we will fire them for £10 in one of our communal firings.
  • We cannot be held responsible for breakages of fragile pieces. You are welcome to take part in loading the kiln with our technician.
  • We will not fire any work we deem unsafe (eg, too thick, combustable inclusions, poorly glazed work)

I cannot fire your work unless you are an experienced ceramicist and understand how to make work that is kiln-safe.

Work must be suitable for kiln firing; greenware pieces should be straightforward to handle, and glazed pieces should have 1.5 cm clearance between any glaze and the kiln shelf (either by having glaze wiped back from the bottom portion of the piece or by providing a clay tile for the piece to sit on) 

Please provide me with the specs of the clay when booking kiln hire, so I can check the firing range, if Earthenware clay is fired in our usual stoneware firing program it will melt down and possibly ruin our £3000 kiln.

Any damage to kiln furniture due to poorly made or glazed pieces will be charged to you.

Price per replacement kiln shelf = £30

please email us at for kiln hire enquiries


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