During Covid19 we are offering a no-contact doorstep delivery service, which costs £5 per journey within a 5 mile radius, and £10 within a 10 mile radius

We offer both kiln Hire, and firing service for individual items.

I will load, fire, and unload the work, and then pack it using packaging that you provide. 

I cannot fire your work unless you have attended a ceramics course and understand how to make work that is kiln-safe.

Work must be suitable for kiln firing; greenware pieces should be straightforward to handle, and glazed pieces should have 1.5 cm clearance between any glaze and the kiln shelf (either by having glaze wiped back from the bottom portion of the piece or by providing a clay tile for the piece to sit on) 

Please provide me with the specs of the clay when booking kiln hire, so I can check the firing range, if Earthenware clay is fired in our usual stoneware firing program it will melt down and possibly ruin the kiln.


All glazes must have been tested beforehand at the temperature you are firing to.

Do not fire any glazes that have not been previously tested by us (bring a small test piece to fire with your batch so that it can be fired ahead of firing the whole batch )

Any damage to kiln furniture due to poorly made or glazed pieces will be charged to you.



£60 per load


A £10 handling fee is added to each batch. 

Measure the 2 longest dimensions of your piece and add them together, check the total against the size categories on the right. 

For flatware, this would be the length or diameter and a minimum depth of 5cm (round it up to 5cm if its less).

Pot and lid should be measured separately unless they are to be fired together

Eg: dimension A = 12cm, dimension B = 8cm . 12cm+8cm = 20cm = £1.50

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