6 Week Courses

All 6-week courses comprise of 6 x 2.5 hour sessions which allow for 2 hours of making and 30 minutes for clean up, and these are suitable for all abilities. Please see details below. 

Studio Ceramics Class is for both beginners and intermediate potters. Beginners will follow a structured program including handbuilding, potters wheel, and glaze decoration, whilst more experienced makers can carry out their own projects with optional tutor support.

Class times: 
Tuesday 10am-12.30pm
Wednesday 6.30pm-9pm

Potters Wheel Class is also for all abilities, in which beginners will develop specific skills for mastering the challenging yet rewarding potters wheel, covering the full process of throwing, trimming and glazing pottery.

Class times:
Monday 6.30pm - 9pm
Tuesday 6.30pm-9pm
Thursday 6.30pm-9pm 

Personal Practice Sessions run as 6 week courses, and are untaught open sessions for intermediate makers.

These sessions can also be attended as a drop-in at £25 per session plus materials.

Please enquire

Class times:
Sunday 10am-12.30pm

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