Handbuilding - 6 Weeks - All Levels

Handbuilding - 6 Weeks - All Levels

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Mondays 10th June -15th April, 6.30pm-8.30pm taught by Pascal


This course will guide you through the process of making ceramics and pottery using handbuilding techniques such as pinch-forming, coiling, and slab decoration. You will be guided through the process of forming and finishing pots and sculptures, and using coloured slips, underglaze and glazing techniques to apply surface designs and decoration to your work.

Week 1: Introduction to the studio and the ceramic process. Pinch-forming and press moulding.

Week 2: Building with soft slabs, making and altering cylinder forms, and creating textured surfaces.

Week 3: Fettling and finishing all work to date, ready for bisque firing

Week 4: Glazing your slab and pinch-formed pieces

Week 5: coil building

Week 6: finishing coil pieces and applying slip and underglaze decoration to them.


The course includes all materials and firing for up to 3kg of finished work. Any extra work will be charged at £3 per kg. Fired work will be available to collect the following term, during class times. Any work which has not been collected by the end of the following term will be disposed of.

Please make sure you can attend all the sessions as we cannot guarantee that there will be space in other classes to make up missed sessions.

The course is for adults aged: 16 + and no experience necessary, and group sizes are limited to 10